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SMARTCO Select is a source of small company investments ideas both pre-IPO and post-IPO - its fundamental belief is that Growth Companies with Pricing Power equal Investing for Future Generations. SMARTCO Select is a subscription service for sophisticated private investors wishing to build a portfolio of exciting emerging growth stocks - the service is intended to enable private investors to be:

i) treated more like institutional investors.

ii) able to participate in SMARTCO fundraisings, including placings.

For further details of the service, please contact Charles Breese whose contact details are shown below.

The key features sought in SMARTCOs are: 

i) commercialising game changing technology with the potential to provide solutions to global problems i.e. exporters.

ii) providing economic benefits to their direct and indirect customers i.e. competing on the basis of value rather than price, through improving customer productivity.

iii) pursuing a business model generating a growing stream of predictable income, resulting in less resource needing to be deployed on ongoing lead generation (which provides no value to customers) and more resource on product development (which benefits customers).

iv) potential to be grown to a value of at least £100m, and significantly beyond that figure with successful ongoing execution of the strategy.

v) the business must have the ability to build partnership relationships with customers based on a) exceptional knowledge and b) being prepared to work with customers at the product development stage through to volume manufacturing.

vi) a team containing senior industry relevant experience gained within a large corporate.

SMARTCOs with Proactive Investors content are:

i) AIM listed:

- AB Dynamics 

- accesso Technology

- Brady

- Cohort

- Collagen Solutions

- Dillistone Group


- Haydale Graphene Industries

- Horizon Discovery Group

- Image Scan

- Instem

- OptiBiotix

- Plastics Capital


- ReNeuron Group

- Scancell Holdings

Stadium Group

- StatPro Group

- Venn Life Science Holdings

ii) Unquoted:

- OR Productivity

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Charles Breese

In the early 1980s Charles Breese, the developer of SMARTCO Select, had the insight that the economic turmoil which started around 2008 would come - people behaving as though they were wealthy supported mainly by ever rising property prices was unsustainable. Accordingly he developed a behavioural investment tool to identify SMARTCOs likely to thrive throughout longer term economic cycles (including periods of turmoil) and is based on an analysis of the principles applied by people who build businesses to compete on the basis of value rather than price ie companies with pricing power.


T: 01280 703482

M: 07813 246136

E: [email protected]


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