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Kollakorn Corp signs deal to expand its technology offering

Teaming with a Hong Kong based company founded by three Australians.
Kollakorn’s RFID tag is used for electronic vehicle registration

Kollakorn Corp (ASX:KKL) has signed a teaming agreement with Driver Design Studio Limited (DRVR) to benefit from each other’s products, customers and ASEAN country concentric relationships.

The major activity of Kollakorn is the implementation of its tamper evident RFID tag technology in Thailand and throughout Asia Pacific.

Kollakorn’s RFID tag is used for electronic vehicle registration and automatic vehicle identification.

DRVR is a Hong Kong based company founded by three Australian entrepreneurs and operates out of Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Australia.

The company provides software platforms that uses data centred on transport and operational patterns.

The agreement allows Kollakorn to work on DRVR’s Lab of Things (LoT) platform that collects data from multiple sensors with a user friendly dashboard, accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

LoT is a flexible platform using connected devices in businesses, vehicles and beyond, providing easy interconnection of devices.

Kollakorn will make use of DRVR’s unique offering of faster development, easier implementation and more powerful big data analysis to identify patterns and trends.

The teaming agreement is the first step in the partnership where both companies get to know each other and understand each other’s technology.

Kollakorn’s shares closed 3% higher on Wednesday, at $0.062.

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