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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
alexium.png Alexium International Group ASX £85.71m £0.28 -2.02% ico_glass.png
au_bctnew_logo120x60.jpg Bluechiip ASX £5.22m £0.02 3.13% ico_glass.png
Freelancer.png Freelancer ASX £208.95m £0.45 -3.11% ico_glass.png
hzr[LOGO]200x100.jpg Hazer Group ASX £25.03m £0.34 -1.67% ico_glass.png
iCandy.png iCandy Interactive ASX £8.96m £0.03 0.00% ico_glass.png
XTEK---200x100.jpg XTEK ASX £6.00m £0.20 2.94% ico_glass.png
zelda-therapeutics-logo-200.png Zelda Therapeutics ASX £48.31m £0.06 -15.38% ico_glass.png

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Tech Capital, a subsidiary of Proactive Investors, acts as the vanguard for listed tech companies to interact with institutional and highly capitalised investors.
Headquartered in London, Tech Capital is led by a team of Europe's leading analysts and journalists, publishing daily content, covering all key movements in the Technology market.