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Tech Capital
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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
cui_logo.png CUI Global NASDAQ £58.05m £2.04 -3.08% ico_glass.png
1519926047_ipsidy.png Ipsidy OTCQB £81.31m £0.20 -6.67% ico_glass.png
ISC.png ISC TSX £168.25m £9.61 -0.51% ico_glass.png
lite.png Lite Access Technologies TSX-V £32.61m £0.75 24.32% ico_glass.png
pioneering_technology.png Pioneering Technology Corporation TSX-V £14.04m £0.25 26.03% ico_glass.png
resaas_logo.png RESAAS Services Inc CSE £11.12m £0.28 0.00% ico_glass.png
RSI.png RSI International Systems Inc. TSX-V £0.10m £0.00 -95.45% ico_glass.png
smart_employee_benefits.png Smart Employee Benefits TSX-V £18.90m £0.14 6.38% ico_glass.png
1515424216_mCloud.png Universal mCloud Corp TSX-V £7.74m £0.18 -8.33% ico_glass.png

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Tech Capital, a subsidiary of Proactive Investors, acts as the vanguard for listed tech companies to interact with institutional and highly capitalised investors.
Headquartered in London, Tech Capital is led by a team of Europe's leading analysts and journalists, publishing daily content, covering all key movements in the Technology market.