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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
Acal-Logo.png Acal Plc LSE £229.65m £3.25 3.26% ico_glass.png
adept_new.png AdEPT Telecom plc AIM £74.07m £3.13 0.81% ico_glass.png
AFC_eENRGY.png AFC Energy plc AIM £61.63m £0.16 3.28% ico_glass.png
AMP.png Aggregated Micro Power Holdings plc AIM £43.32m £0.98 0.00% ico_glass.png
amphion-Innovations-logo.png Amphion Innovations Plc AIM £3.63m £0.02 0.00% ico_glass.png
attraqt-logo-2.png ATTRAQT Group plc AIM £48.66m £0.46 0.00% ico_glass.png
bango.png Bango plc AIM £159.16m £2.40 1.48% ico_glass.png
bvc.jpg BATM Advanced Communications Ltd LSE £86.17m £0.21 -2.84% ico_glass.png
Be_Heard.png Be Heard Group AIM £25.61m £0.03 0.00% ico_glass.png
blur-logo.png Blur Group PLC AIM £8.41m £0.05 5.56% ico_glass.png
BOS_GLOBAL.png BOS GLOBAL Holdings AIM £3.19m £0.04 -5.88% ico_glass.png
Brave_Bison.png Brave Bison AIM £5.60m £0.01 0.00% ico_glass.png
centralnic-logo.png Centralnic Group PLC AIM £62.57m £0.65 0.00% ico_glass.png
ceres-logo.png Ceres Power Holdings plc AIM £129.24m £0.13 0.00% ico_glass.png
clearstar.png ClearStar Inc AIM £16.34m £0.45 0.00% ico_glass.png
cloud.png CloudTag Inc AIM £- £- - ico_glass.png
corero_logo.png Corero Network Security PLC AIM £20.91m £0.07 0.00% ico_glass.png
dotdigital-logo.png Dotdigital Group plc AIM £250.32m £0.85 1.20% ico_glass.png
Ebiquity-logo.png Ebiquity plc AIM £83.67m £1.14 0.00% ico_glass.png
ack.png Eckoh PLC AIM £127.22m £0.51 0.00% ico_glass.png
eg-logo.jpg EG Solutions plc AIM £25.40m £1.12 0.45% ico_glass.png
fron.png Frontier IP Group Plc AIM £18.76m £0.49 0.00% ico_glass.png
gfinity_logo.png Gfinity Plc AIM £60.01m £0.28 0.00% ico_glass.png
haydale_logo_2.png Haydale Graphene Industries PLC AIM £24.40m £1.25 0.40% ico_glass.png
instem_.gif Instem Plc AIM £25.18m £1.59 -1.86% ico_glass.png
Keywords-logo.png Keywords Studios PLC AIM £788.05m £14.03 -0.92% ico_glass.png
Kromek-black-on-white.jpg Kromek Group PLC AIM £64.12m £0.25 1.03% ico_glass.png
learning-tech-logo-2.png Learning Technologies Group plc AIM £363.82m £0.64 4.51% ico_glass.png
new_lombard_risk.png Lombard Risk Management plc AIM £43.06m £0.11 0.00% ico_glass.png
loopup-logo-positive-rgb.jpg LoopUp Group PLC AIM £110.43m £2.63 -3.67% ico_glass.png
topl_logo.png Minds + Machines Group Limited AIM £76.98m £0.11 1.15% ico_glass.png
mirada.jpg Mirada Plc AIM £1.63m £0.01 4.44% ico_glass.png
mporium-logo-blue.png Mporium Group PLC AIM £40.76m £0.08 0.00% ico_glass.png
MySQUAR.png MySQUAR Limited AIM £12.78m £0.02 -2.35% ico_glass.png
nasstar.png Nasstar Plc AIM £55.99m £0.10 0.00% ico_glass.png
newmark-logo-2.png Newmark Security PLC AIM £3.16m £0.01 -3.57% ico_glass.png
next.png Next Fifteen Communications Group Plc AIM £304.86m £4.03 -1.16% ico_glass.png
proactis.gif Proactis Holdings Plc AIM £149.31m £1.61 0.00% ico_glass.png
quartz.png Quartix Holdings plc AIM £174.81m £3.68 0.68% ico_glass.png
rosslyn.png Rosslyn Data Technologies PLC AIM £12.70m £0.07 0.00% ico_glass.png

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