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In brief

The SalvaRx Group is a drug discovery and development company focused on immune-oncology; SalvaRx invests in novel cancer immuno-therapies and provides its portfolio companies with operational support ranging from direct operation of subsidiaries to advisory or part-time involvement in more established companies. The SalvaRx Group was founded by Drs. Ian Walters and Rob Kramer, two former Bristol-Myers Squibb drug developers with a history of championing immune-oncology and developing immune-oncology therapeutics.

In 2015, SalvaRx made its first investment in iOx Therapeutics, a University of Oxford spin-out that is developing a compounds that stimulate Natural Killer T Cells. Rob and Ian joined the team at iOx on a part-time basis and are working to assemble a portfolio of differentiated immune-oncology therapies for the treatment of late-stage cancers. SalvaRx is focused on finding therapies that are complementary to current PD1-based approaches and is interested in non-T-cell therapeutic targets. SalvaRx provides its portfolio companies with operational support in addition to capital, sometimes operating its portfolio companies directly and sometimes augmenting the current team.