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Super Micro Computer reports higher 1Q fiscal revenue and earnings amid Chinese spying controversy

The supplier has been mired in accusations China planted spy chips in its motherboards, which were used by Apple and Amazon...

on 15/11/18

US telecom company reportedly finds 'tampered' chip from Super Micro Computer was made in China

A Bloomberg story says that there are many points in the supply chain in China where spyware can be introduced...

on 10/10/18

Amazon and Apple's denials of cyber-security hack apparently backed up by British security agency

Bloomberg claimed that Amazon’s web services division (AWS) discovered a tiny microchip on motherboards that should not have been there and reported it the US authorities; not so, countered AWS...

on 5/10/18

Super Micro Computer rejects reports Chinese spy chips in servers used by Apple and Amazon.com

Company said it is not alone in producing motherboards in China ...

on 4/10/18

Apple and Amazon refute Bloomberg allegations of hardware hack by Chinese spies

It is a big - and worrying - story and determining who to believe is made all the harder by the fact that espionage, by its very nature, is a field full of misinformation...

on 4/10/18

Super Micro Computer’s 4Q earnings beat, but stock tanks on Nasdaq delisting

The stock is reeling after the company said it will be unbale to meet an August 24 deadline to regain compliance with the Nasdaq Stock Market...

on 22/8/18