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FAANG Report: Satanists warn of lawsuit against Netflix over statue; Google marks 'Day of the Dead'

Apple's cash hoard still north of $237 billion; Google creates doodles to honor day of the dead
Google doodles
Google honors day of the dead with doodles

The Satanic Temple here is threatening to sue Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) for the use of a Baphomet statue that is strikingly similar to theirs in the new series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", a report in Rolling Stone said.

The Temple’s co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves tweeted that their monument design is copyrighted and that the show “appropriated” it.

He also tweeted images of the two statues side-by-side, “for purposes of comparison.”

The new show, which premiered this month and stars Kiernan Shipka as a young "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", a reprisal of Melissa Joan Hart’s iconic 1990s role, has been well-received by audiences and critics so far, beyond this dispute, the report said.

Netflix shares eased 0.7% to $315.11 by midsession on Friday. 

The cash hoard of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is down by $6 billion but the company still has about $237.1 billion in cash, a report by CNBC said.

Apple's cash hoard has led to M&A speculation although the company has more recently shelled out on content creation, emerging markets and creating US jobs.

Apple said in January it would contribute $350 billion to the US over the next five years, in part through taxes for cash it plans to bring back from overseas.

It also announced plans to create 20,000 new jobs in the US, including on a new campus, the report said.

Apple shares dropped 6.4% to $207.90.

Alphabet Inc's Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) marked Mexico's Day of the Dead with a doodle featuring brightly painted model skulls, a report by CNN Travel said.

The skulls, hand-made from clay, appear between animated flickering candles with orange marigold petals scattered around them, the report said.

The doodle represents the ofrendas, or altars, set up by families for the carnival. The shrines typically feature photographs and treasured mementos of late relatives and friends, plus their favorite foods and drinks.

In San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage town in north central Mexico known for its striking architecture, the celebrations last for four days. The celebrations were featured in the James Bond movie 'Spectre.'

Google shares slipped 0.4% to $1,065.40.

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The future of Inc (NASDAQ:AMZON) seems increasingly likely moving from selling stuff on the internet to doing so in the physical world, a report by The Verge said.

One of the company’s cashier-less Go convenience stores opened in San Francisco last week, with another store opening in the city later this year and more planned for Chicago and New York City in 2019.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has always set out to build the Everything Store, but it’s increasingly clear that to accomplish that, Amazon will have to become the do-everything company.

And that includes competing with everything from Walmart and Target to CVS, 7-Eleven, and even the restaurant industry, the report explained.

Amazon shares added 0.16% to $1,668.22.

FAANG Report: Facebook removes 8.7 million images of nude children; Google bans "F" word in workplace

An effort by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to fix how it handles political ads in the wake of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections is not working effectively, a report by CNN Business said.

Political ads on the platform are now supposed to say who paid for them, but Facebook allows buyers to fill in that information themselves.

And if anyone or any system at the company is supposed to be ensuring that the information these ad-buyers submit is the truth, they appear to be asleep at the wheel, the report said.

Facebook shares shed 0.9% to $150.37.

Reporting by Rene Pastor, contactable on [email protected]

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