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Tech Capital
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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
1533318835_Screenshot_2.png Allot NASDAQ £197.66m £5.83 1.08% ico_glass.png
1532016504_AM-LOGO.JPG Applied Minerals Inc OTCQB £5.44m £0.03 0.00% ico_glass.png
1538751987_CSRHub_250x80.jpg CSRHub PRIVATE-NA £- £- - ico_glass.png
1533293637_JPEG.jpg CUI Global Inc NASDAQ £29.89m £1.05 1.50% ico_glass.png
1523398123_duostech-logo-color-tagline.jpg Duos Technologies Group, Inc OTCQB £8.78m £0.42 -5.44% ico_glass.png
1531821320_HTX-Logo---Advanced-Water-Treatment.jpg Hydrus Technology PRIVATE-NA £- £- - ico_glass.png
1519926047_ipsidy.png Ipsidy Inc OTCQX £40.64m £0.09 10.00% ico_glass.png
1541088322_logo-(20).png KinerjaPay Corp OTC £7.99m £0.43 -3.63% ico_glass.png
1550076497_Screenshot_23.jpg Lendindex PRIVATE-NA £- £- - ico_glass.png
1538489770_logo-(11).png Quantum Computing Inc OTC £23.26m £4.92 0.00% ico_glass.png
1530088196_Robo_Global.png ROBO Global NYSE £1,655.77m £29.70 1.75% ico_glass.png

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Tech Capital, a subsidiary of Proactive Investors, acts as the vanguard for listed tech companies to interact with institutional and highly capitalised investors.
Headquartered in London, Tech Capital is led by a team of Europe's leading analysts and journalists, publishing daily content, covering all key movements in the Technology market.